Proprietary Technical Process

ESP is built using proprietary methods that utilizes the latest architectural, 3D rendering/annimation, web-publishing, and interactive multimedia tools and applications. Since 2002, we've consistantly stayed ahead of the trends, resulting in the highest level of quality and service our clients demand and expect from us.

Hardware Independant

With in-depth knowledge of the technology industry combined with a strong understanding of business strategy iMap delivers ESP within a browser/web-based (cloud) framework.

Staying ahead of industry trends has paid long-term dividends to our clients, allowing them to benefit from our software solutions while being unaffected by the ongoing confusing and complex hardware technical battles seen today.

With iMap's software solutions there are no apps or additional software to download. Our solutions are immediately usable on virtually any desktop PC/Mac and on virtually any mobile device; kiosk, projector, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, or Blackberry, etc.

iMap's visualization solutions can be localized and delivered in numerous languages for your local or international audience.

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